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Visual experimentations with sound

The music video to ‘We Need Nothing to Collide’ by London based producer and DJ Russ Chimes is completely mesmerising. Brightly coloured strips of light stream across a background of mundane landscapes in a way that is both hypnotic and strangely unsettling. In one scene the light snakes out of a dark open doorway, like an ominous yet seductive threshold to an alternative world. It’s fitting with the track, which possesses the infectious beat of house music and the increasingly unnerving build of repetitive sounds and lyrics. It sets you in a trance. Speaking of which, I think I’m going to watch it again.

Watch it for yourselves here:

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Zulu Winter – Heavy Rain

I normally shy away from writing about my family’s triumphs mainly because it can come across as a kind of arrogance, boasting about my brilliant genes and all that but also because there’s that whole issue of bias. Obviously, it’s hard not to be biased as a proud and awe-filled younger sister, but I’m going to allow myself one gushing post about my brother’s band, Zulu Winter’s newest music video ‘Heavy Rain’ because, quite frankly, it’s too good to ignore.

Filmed by the brilliant and immensely talented director, David Higgs the video exploits the rosy light of sunrise to create scenes so beautiful and eerie that they’re really quite mesmerising. Throw in some peculiar dance moves, a bit of rolling around in the grass, hallucinogenic repetitions and a pony and it all gets rather surreal.

The track’s not bad either. Well done bro.

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Solange reveals video for ‘Lovers in a Parking Lot’

You can always count on Solange to wear some crazy outfit whilst dubiously dancing in equally dubious places. Last time it was in a suit outside a caravan, this time it’s in a silver metallic shirt (possibly made from tin foil) inside what looks like an old school video arcade. Unlike the last vid though, this one’s dark. I mean that literally, not so much in a sinister way. We’re talking a pitch-black screen for the first six or seven seconds. And it’s exciting. You find yourself wondering if this is actually Solange’s new video or some massive hoax. Perhaps the video has been removed from youtube due to explicit content? Sadly it hasn’t. The raunchiest it gets is a pair of lycra pink hot pants which, let’s be honest, these days is almost prudish. What really happens is….

On second thoughts I’m not going to tell you what appears when darkness gives way to light, I had to sit through a tense seven seconds and you’ll have to do the same. So there.

And here’s a question for you: Solange’s dancing – malcoordinated or pretty nifty?

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King Krule Releases Snazzy New Video

With a voice more manly than Danny Dyer, ginger hair and lanky arms, there’s a lot to love about Archy Marshall (aka King Krule) and his new vid just adds to the charm. Not only is the track ‘Easy Easy’ simply splendid, paving the way for an equally excellent debut album, but the video is super cool too. Shot partially through a fish eye lens, partially through something grainy looking (I’m not one for camera technicalities), the video features London looking at it’s edgy best whilst Archy, dressed in a suit (of course), smokes a cig, hops over fences and hangs out with a rather suspect looking character on rooftops. Ladz.

Here’s Archy looking well ‘ard:

KK-467And here’s the vid:


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