The Man Behind the Mask


Hey there, I’m Millie, recent English Literature graduate from Newcastle University, freelance journalist and wannabe music connoisseur. I’m LUX Magazine‘s  roaming ‘cool hunter’ and contributor. I also write things for PORT, BAKU and Grazia some of which I post on here for you lucky individuals to read.

Apart from that, I spend my days baking stodgy loaves of spelt bread, listening to my records and googling dogs wearing glasses…

Like this little guy:




If you’ve got something cool you’d like to share or just fancy saying hi, get in touch:

Twitter: @milliehwalton

Or connect with me on LinkedIn to browse my CV and discuss serious business things.

If you love the design of my blog as much as I do you might like to tweet @guspowell. He stayed up all night just to make Crimson Cocoon look pretty.


2 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Mask

  1. Sophie33 says:

    Thanks for following my blog so that I could find your cool & lovely blog over here! Bye for now! Greetings from a foodie from Belgium! 😉

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