Solange reveals video for ‘Lovers in a Parking Lot’

You can always count on Solange to wear some crazy outfit whilst dubiously dancing in equally dubious places. Last time it was in a suit outside a caravan, this time it’s in a silver metallic shirt (possibly made from tin foil) inside what looks like an old school video arcade. Unlike the last vid though, this one’s dark. I mean that literally, not so much in a sinister way. We’re talking a pitch-black screen for the first six or seven seconds. And it’s exciting. You find yourself wondering if this is actually Solange’s new video or some massive hoax. Perhaps the video has been removed from youtube due to explicit content? Sadly it hasn’t. The raunchiest it gets is a pair of lycra pink hot pants which, let’s be honest, these days is almost prudish. What really happens is….

On second thoughts I’m not going to tell you what appears when darkness gives way to light, I had to sit through a tense seven seconds and you’ll have to do the same. So there.

And here’s a question for you: Solange’s dancing – malcoordinated or pretty nifty?

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