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Visual experimentations with sound

The music video to ‘We Need Nothing to Collide’ by London based producer and DJ Russ Chimes is completely mesmerising. Brightly coloured strips of light stream across a background of mundane landscapes in a way that is both hypnotic and strangely unsettling. In one scene the light snakes out of a dark open doorway, like an ominous yet seductive threshold to an alternative world. It’s fitting with the track, which possesses the infectious beat of house music and the increasingly unnerving build of repetitive sounds and lyrics. It sets you in a trance. Speaking of which, I think I’m going to watch it again.

Watch it for yourselves here:

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New Year, New Song: Klaves ‘So Fine’

I may be a little behind the times in discovering this gem of a song, but for those of you who are similarly out of ‘the loop’ get excited. ‘So Fine’ is like a party under the sea.

Klaves is the moniker adopted by 21 year old polish musician, Mikolaj Gramowsky who caused quite a sensation when he released his house EP ‘At Dawn Again’. He’s not your standard producer of house music though, preferring simplicity to heavy bass and intense drops. His music is probably what you’d listen to after a night out rather than in a club. Listening to it is sort of cleansing in a way. You feel light, fresh and ready to go again. The perfect tonic for that New Year’s eve hangover.

Get your mitts on a free and legal download from the Klaves facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/klavesmusic/app_220150904689418 

Also keep your eye on his soundcloud for regular releases: https://soundcloud.com/klavesmusic

Happy New Year y’all!

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Tune in for Summer

AT LAST the sun is shining, it’s actually hot enough to wear shorts and, oh baby, I can FINALLY start building the world’s greatest summer playlist!

girl-summer-beach-Favim.com-470798oh how i wish this was me

Just so you get an idea of the quality of the tunes we’re talking about, the highlight of last year’s playlist was Rupert Holmes- Escape (If you Like Pina Coladas). Luckily though, my obsession with The Sweetest Thing’s soundtrack has subsided so its out with the seventies and in with nineties French house music:

On a more serious note,  Solange’s EP ‘True’ produced by non-other than my favourite punk member of Test Icicles (no I don’t know who they are either), Dev Hynes, better known as Blood Orange, is basically summer all packaged up and ready to pop on the decks. With 7 songs, ‘True’ is more like an album than an EP and simmers along nicely in the background as the sausages simmer on the Barbie.

Hit play for a little taste of what Solange has to offer aside from some pretty awkward dance moves in a giraffe inspired suit. Ah who I’m kidding, even the suit’s cool.

More sounds of Summer heading this way soon…

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