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The sweet, sweet sounds of João Sobral

I discovered João Sobral’s debut album, ‘Vai Na Fé’ today and I’ve already listened to three times through – admittedly it’s only four songs, but it’s not often I hit repeat. Based in Brazil and influenced by his nation’s colourful, laid back culture, each song is effortlessly cool and as smooth as silk. Sobral’s tones are seductive with the effect of deepening relaxation much like the sensation of sinking into a warm bath… It’s seriously addictive stuff – the very encapsulation of tropical paradise.

I’m excited to see what Sobral gets up to next.

Here’s the silkiest of the bunch:

Catch the rest of it here: http://www.joaosobral.com.br/

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The loveable eccentric: Cosmo Sheldrake

I haven’t really been keeping up with my music lately because of looming university finals, but I allowed myself a little breather today and fell in love with Cosmo Sheldrake. I’ve heard one or two of his songs before but they never really grabbed me. If I’m being honest I thought he was a little odd and not in the cool, trendy way but odd as in peculiar. But I was wrong. He is odd (the name sort of says it all) but that’s  part of the charm and actually he really couldn’t be any cooler. His music is all about experimentation with the environment (in one of my favourite videos he chases after a beetle with some sort of sound device), playing with objects and space to produce unusual and unique sounds. ‘Rich’ featuring Andrea Vargas starts off with what sounds like a cat purring… It keeps you on your toes and the music is just great. Think banjos, didgeridoos, whistles, bongos, keyboards, improv vocals., robots, beetles, washing machines. You know, that sort of vibe.

Anyway, check him out. He’s set to release a debut single in April, 2014 and he’s just all round a pretty inspirational guy.

Here’s a vid of the cat purring song, performed live in a pig sty:

And ‘Prefusify’ performed live in a laundrette:



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The Spanish Banger

I first heard Bailando by Daniel Steinberg, rather appropriately, in Menorca in the Summer. Last night, during a very odd evening which involved wearing blankets as turbans, it came on again and I remembered just how great it was. So I did a bit of browsing and found out, disappointingly, that Daniel isn’t Spanish. He’s German. A German DJ, I believe. No matter, this is still the ultimate spanish banger. It starts with the dripping of a tap (ooooh the suspense), before turning into a seriously jazzy, infectious tune. It sort of reminds me of Kwabena by Tuesday Born, but this is like Kwabena’s more hyperactive sister.

Give it a listen. I dare you not to dance.

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Another great vid by Spaniards: Los adolescentes – Denver

A while back I blogged about the music video to ‘Bombay’ by El Guincho  and today I found another video which makes me think that the Spanish are quite possibly the best music video makers around. ‘Los adolescentes’ by Denver may not be as good a song as El Guincho’s ‘Bombay’, but with a video this good it hardly matters. Even though the video was shot just three years ago, there’s something loveably retro about it. Really it’s just teenagers being teenagers: roller blading, making out, breathing fire and running through a field with an axe. Standard.

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Alt-J: the band that just keeps giving

Alt-J’s disappeared under the radar somewhat recently and I have to say, selfishly, I’m a little relieved. Radio One has a habit of playing my favourite songs over and over again until my ears feel like they might bleed and I just couldn’t bear that to happen to the sweet tones of Joe Newman.


a flexible bunch too


Currently on tour, somewhere around Cambridge, from the looks of their twitter page, the triangle loving quartet continue to grace  the masses with their sublime album, Awesome Wave throwing in some cheeky covers to keep the audience drooling (quite literally in my case). At Shepherd’s Bush Empire in January it was the Kylie Minogue/ Dr. Dre Mashup (see previous blog post) and last night they pulled this baby out of the bag…brace yourself for Alt-J’s cover of College – ‘A Real Hero’:





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Soulful Sunday

Sundays are all about eating and chilling in you PJs and you don’t get more chilled than Anthony Hamilton. So light a few candles, throw on your slippers and hit play. Go on you deserve it:


If you’re feeling hardcore check out Ben Pearce’s house version of ‘Cornbread, Fish and Collard Greens’ renamed ‘What I might do’. It’s insanely good, though I warn you it’s probably best saved for Friday night.

Man this song is diverse:

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