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Alternative Realities: Olya Tsoraeva

I’m fascinated by animators. The best thing I could form out of play dough as a child was “rock cakes” or if i was feeling especially creative, a very ill-proportioned stick man. I suffered and still do suffer from the fatal combination of impatience and stumpy, clumsy fingers. “No,” my friend kindly told me, “you could never be a hand model. Unless it was for modelling bricks on a construction site.”

I’ve never seen Olya Tsoraeva’s hands but i imagine them to be long and elegant, quick and nimble. Surely they must be to create such mini masterpieces out of plasticine? And I know she’s got patience. For her stop motion film, in which she remoulded Thom Yorke’s face in an alternative video for Radiohead’s “Creep”, she spent a year in darkness: four months fiddling around with his features and nine handcrafting the animation. That’s perseverance verging on obsession.

“Don’t you lose inspiration after the first six months?” I asked an artist once.

“Yeh sure you do,” she replied “but you just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Like a job?”

“No, not like a job. Like everyday life.”

That stuck with me. It’s a relief to know that you don’t have to be wildly creative every single day to make something wonderful. Inspiration can be a little exhausting. As I took it, don’t give up if you’re struggling to see why you started.

Here’s ‘Skinless’ written and directed by Olya Tsoraeva. It’s my favourite of her small but impressive portfolio.

Keep an eye on what she’s up to here.

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Fashion inspired watercolour paintings by Cate Parr

UK-born fashion illustrator, Cate Parr blends a combination of bold and pastel colours to create graceful, ethereal paintings that soften the air-brushed precision of glossy magazines.

Moncler_Gamme_RougeMonclear Gamme Rouge

Her paintings transform well-known figures into beautiful works of art, preserving their natural elegance and restoring a sense of old age glamour.  You know you’ve made it big when people start making watercolour paintings of your face. One day. One day.

Tilly_LoschTilly Losch

Whilst originals are priced at around $200 each (Cate is currently based in California), you can pick up a print via Etsy for as little as a fiver. Cheap as chips. They would make a nice set of birthday cards too…


Jeanne_MoreauJeanne Moureau

KateKate Moss

ModelInk_3‘Model Ink’

To see more of Cate’s paintings head over to her website where you can also find links to her store and Etsy: http://www.cateparr.com

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One to watch: Anastasia Mastrakouli

Artist and photographer, Anastasia Mastrakouli’s ‘naked silhouette alphabet’ has made the fifth year undergraduate student a clear emerging talent to watch in the art world. Her images of the human body pushed up against the steamy glass of a shower are ethereal in their simplicity, demonstrating the natural beauty and flexibility of the human body. Some of the poses the model adopts are quite extraordinary alone and whilst we are given the occasional glimpse of , excuse my language, an anus, the model’s bareness becomes almost irrelevant as the body, freed from all other distractions, becomes an abstracted imprint of a letter. If this is what Mastrakouli can produce at art school, who knows what will happen when she steps out into the big wide world.



If you like this, check out Mastrakouli’s Youtube to see what else she has up her sleeve: http://www.youtube.com/user/erannumi

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