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One to watch: Olivia Bee

Brooklyn based photographer, Olivia Bee is, depressingly, only 20 years old. She’s achieved more in her few years than most of us will in a lifetime. She’s shot for The New York Times, Vice and countless designers whilst her personal series are achingly gritty, exposing a lifestyle that would make the coolest kid envious. ‘Lovers’ is well worth flicking through if you’re in a romantic, dreamy mood, but ‘Everyday’ is slightly more relatable for me at the moment – at least it’s images of all the kind of things I like to think I’m doing like sneaking out of windows, spray painting and participating in half-naked group hugs in the sea. That’s the life.


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Keep track of Olivia’s photographic antics here: http://www.oliviabee.com/

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One to watch: Paul Schneggenburger

Not only does he have possibly the coolest surname ever, but he’s also one hell of a photographer; Schneggenburger’s photo series, ‘The Sleep of the Beloved’ explores the relationship of lovers whilst they sleep over a six hour period. That’s some seriously long exposure ! And yes I know it sounds creepy, especially since the bed where the lovers sleep is in the photographer’s studio apartment but supposedly Schneggenburger is never actually present in the room….

Despite making you feel like you’re a peeping tom spying through a keyhole, the photographs are beautifully haunting and make the couples look like ghostly ballerinas. If only I looked this elegant sleeping….




To see the whole collection head on over to Schneggenburger’s website: http://www.schneggenburger.at

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