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Combating delirium with Tropicalia

If I haven’t mentioned it enough already, I’m currently drowning in deadlines. Dissertation is due on friday (lord help me). My days have become robotic cycles of waking, eating, working, sleeping with the occasional glass of wine throw in here and there. It helps with the stress. Calms the nerves. Anyway as you can probably tell times have become pretty desperate and I am starting to question my very sanity. Today, I spent a large part of my day in the library staring at the backs of people’s heads to see if they would turn around, which most of them did embarrassingly.  I find music is the best cure for times like these. Sadly, I can’t work and listen at the same time – my brain requires complete silence or it gets very muddled – so evenings are reserved for music. I head up stairs, light a few candles, smother myself in tinted moisturiser (don’t judge, we’re getting ominously closer to bare legs season) and sit listening to my records whilst it sinks in. It’s become like a form of meditation. My favourite record at the moment is ‘Tropicalia’ – a christmas present from my brother and my current life line. The record’s strap-line is ‘a Brazilian revolution in sound’ so as you can imagine it’s got some pretty fun tracks. I’m listening to it as I write this post and I can already feel it working it’s magic.

Here are a few of the record’s finest…

Gilberto Gil – Bat Mucumba

Jorge Ben – Take It easy, My Brother Charles

Os Mutantes – Quem Tem Medo de Brincar



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