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New Year, New Song: Klaves ‘So Fine’

I may be a little behind the times in discovering this gem of a song, but for those of you who are similarly out of ‘the loop’ get excited. ‘So Fine’ is like a party under the sea.

Klaves is the moniker adopted by 21 year old polish musician, Mikolaj Gramowsky who caused quite a sensation when he released his house EP ‘At Dawn Again’. He’s not your standard producer of house music though, preferring simplicity to heavy bass and intense drops. His music is probably what you’d listen to after a night out rather than in a club. Listening to it is sort of cleansing in a way. You feel light, fresh and ready to go again. The perfect tonic for that New Year’s eve hangover.

Get your mitts on a free and legal download from the Klaves facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/klavesmusic/app_220150904689418 

Also keep your eye on his soundcloud for regular releases: https://soundcloud.com/klavesmusic

Happy New Year y’all!

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The Rhythms of Tuesday Born

After being recently recommended Kwabena by Tuesday Born, I’ve developed an almost unhealthy obsession for the London based musician’s soulful, afro-electronic tunes. There isn’t one of his songs I’d describe as average – and that’s a pretty bold statement. Tuesday Born, aka Gabriel Benn, produces music which manages not only to transport you into an African tribal atmosphere, but also into that very cool, small London club you like to imagine yourself two-stepping in whilst feeling insanely relaxed and spiritual at the same time. Benn’s not too shabby at the piano either.


Hit play to watch the music video for Kwabena. It’s pretty darn cool….:

To delve deeper into Tuesday Born’s repertoire, head over here: http://tuesdayborn.bandcamp.com

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