Life without colour: Benoit Courti

Earlier today I stumbled across a collection of classic black and white pictures that had been ‘colourized’ and I’m not entirely sure I liked them. Though the image itself always remained the same the addition of colour seemed almost inappropriate.  I’m not under the illusion that in the past, the world was actually colourless, it’s just that colour demystifies the scenes. And isn’t mystery the very thing that makes the past so exciting? Where would our imaginations be without a little mystery and intrigue?

I think that’s why I love Benoit Courti’s black and white photography so much. It re-imagines a colourless world that is both sharply defined and incredibly mysterious. It highlights the simple beauty of shape and light and opens up innumerable questions…









Check out Benoit Courti’s website for his full portfolio. His colour photographs are also incredibly beautiful:

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One thought on “Life without colour: Benoit Courti

  1. Simon Motson says:

    Awesome Shmill! X

    Simon Motson

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