London Art Fair Discovery 2: Rosa Basurto

Probably the most impressive and interesting thing about Rosa Basurto is that she’s a self-taught photographer. That may not seem like much on paper but when you look at her work it’s really quite awe inspiring. I can’t pretend to know a huge amount about the technicalities of photography (most of my holiday snaps turn out blurry), but I like to think I can recognise the good from the bad, the great from the average and in my books, Basurto’s work definitely falls into the category of ‘the great’. Her photographs re-imagine real landscapes and scenarios in mysterious, intriguing and even at times, amusing ways. It’s playful but also seems sort of poetic and serious at the same time. I can’t help but feel, for example, that her image of a sky full of birds behind giant, looming red poppies has some very poignant significance…












‘Habitat’ and ‘Mirando al cielo’ are amongst my favourite series of Basurto’s work but all of it is brilliant in it’s own way. Head over to her website to see fully appreciate her talent and versatility:

Also watch this moving video of Basurto’s photography. It’s very cool indeed:



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