Borondo’s Street Art

Traditionally ‘street art’ has been associated with graffiti, vandalism and aggressive youths, but (partly thanks to Banksy) it’s earned itself a rather sturdy reputation over the years and rightly so – the alleys of London alone are home to some of the greatest treasures the art world has to offer.

Distant are the days of  bright bubble writing, spray paint and the comic book colours of Sponge Bob Squarepants as more and more street artists experiment and combine the techniques of fine art to create work that is elegant and subtle. Spanish artist, Borondo  is amongst those championing the painterly take on the stereotypically violent form, loosely basing his work on classical painting techniques to create large-scale figures that are, at times, vaguely reminiscent of some Pre-Raphaelite work and at others, not at all. It’s Borondo’s outstanding versatility that makes him and his work so interesting and imaginative. It’s just a shame you have to travel all the way to Rome (where the artist is currently studying) to see his creations. Well, it’s not that much of a shame…it would be a purely cultural trip after all!

vetro man WEB




L_G_borondo gaeta (4)

Check out Borondo’s blogspot for regular updates and more examples of his work: (source for all pictures)

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