Freeze frame: Lights in Chicago by Satoki Nagata

I came across Satoki Nagata’s work whilst idly browsing the internet for pictures of snow so that I could imagine myself blissfully sipping vin chaud on the slopes (the skiing snapchats are really getting to me) and though lacking the mountainous landscape I craved, I found myself mesmerised by Nagata’s beautiful wintery images.


His series ‘Lights in Chicago’ is a collection of surrealist black and white photographs of people captured on the cold streets of the Windy City. Using a slow shutter speed, the Japanese photographer manages to create interesting layerings that produce an oddly ghostly effect and capture the action of that moment. Though the figures are nearly transparent, they are surrounded by a bright, angelic light that highlights their presence and creates an intriguing dynamic between shadow and light.






Head over to Nagata’s website for a real visual treat. His documentary photography is also extremely powerful and well worth a browse.

[All images sourced from Nagata’s website]

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One thought on “Freeze frame: Lights in Chicago by Satoki Nagata

  1. Hennie says:

    Yes beautiful photos

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