Fernando de la Rocque: marijuana smoke paintings

Fernando de la Rocque when questioned about his artistic motivation answered, ‘I always like to create art with pleasure’… in other words with wine or weed…

His most provocative series ‘Blow Job – Work of Blowing’ consists of a collection of images of political and religious icons created out of marijuana smoke which he blows onto paint in pre-cut stencils. Inevitably it was a laid back process – each image apparently took approximately a week to finish with the smoke of about five joints a day, leaving the artist, no doubt, feeling a little hazy eyed and confused. Admittedly, the golden-hued images are fairly impressive, maybe not quite worth their price tag ( $2, 500 a piece ), but all in all weed well spent.






Check out Fernando’s blogspot to see what else he’s up to: http://www.fernandodelarocque.blogspot.co.uk/


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