One to watch: Fabienne Rivory

I love Fabienne Rivory’s work. It’s delicate and faded like old photographs you find tucked away in a box in the attic, but at the same time it’s vigorously alive. Her latest, and probably most intriguing, series Mirori uses mirrored images blended with watercolour (a signature style across her work) to transform her personal memories into poetic visions. The combination of real setting with bursts of colour works to convey the intense emotion of the moment and transform the scene into one of the imagination.

pole ocean pole amande

The images Rivory creates sort of remind me of Japanese Haiku in an obscure, visualised form in that they capture the very essence of a fleeting moment by using very little.

02 neige2

01 2011 petite

07 sur paris

06 melibertec

It’s well worth visiting Rivory’s website to view the entirety of her project, Labokoff which began in 2007 and explores the theme of the real world versus dream:

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One thought on “One to watch: Fabienne Rivory

  1. Hennie says:

    Beautiful I love them. X

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