Blood Orange’s New Sounds: Cupid Deluxe


I’ve probably mentioned Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) at some point before. He does a lot in the music world as a composer and producer, doing fun things for all sorts of fun people, most recently he worked with Solange Knowles on her 2013 album. He spent three colourful years making ‘orchestral pop’ as Lightspeed Champion before turning his attentions to ’80s disco inspired melodies as Blood Orange. Nowadays, his music and videos tend to be as vibrant and  bright as a pair of sparkling disco pants – psychedelic man. Though this may all be part of the ‘image’, the colourfulness of Hynes’s music as Blood Orange is also owing to synesthesia ( the neurological condition in which one sense is simultaneously perceived by another). Hynes literally sees sounds, describing the experience of listening to music as viewing moving pictures. He takes his influence from French singer F.R David, Rick Derringer, New York 80s gay culture and naturally, drag queens. His latest album, ‘Cupid Deluxe’ is perhaps the most kaleidoscopic yet and boasts an impressive tracklist including collaborations with Friends singer, Samatha Urbani and Caroline Polachek from Chairlift. It’s like a tiny glimpse into a disorganised and crazily creative mind; jumping from soft rock to pop to who knows what, it’s a mind I wouldn’t mind borrowing for a day.

Have a listen and watch of Chamakay and You’re Not Good Enough (the latter is probably my favourite, though the link is to it’s lyric video) for a little taster of what I’m talking about:


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