The Spanish Banger

I first heard Bailando by Daniel Steinberg, rather appropriately, in Menorca in the Summer. Last night, during a very odd evening which involved wearing blankets as turbans, it came on again and I remembered just how great it was. So I did a bit of browsing and found out, disappointingly, that Daniel isn’t Spanish. He’s German. A German DJ, I believe. No matter, this is still the ultimate spanish banger. It starts with the dripping of a tap (ooooh the suspense), before turning into a seriously jazzy, infectious tune. It sort of reminds me of Kwabena by Tuesday Born, but this is like Kwabena’s more hyperactive sister.

Give it a listen. I dare you not to dance.

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3 thoughts on “The Spanish Banger

  1. Simon Motson says:

    awesome tune – dancing round the kitchen on my own. x

    Simon Motson

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  2. Anna says:

    Hands down my fav dj and producer in the world! Love him.
    His soundcloud is full of similar treasures..

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