Tierney Gearon – ‘Explosure’

Contemporary photographer, Tierney Gearon has built herself a very solid reputation in the last ten years and rightly so. Her work is intensely colourful and imaginative – the sort of thing you’d like printed on a huge poster on your wall, though it also feels incredibly private. Gearon herself claims that ‘My work is like a diary. I do it for my soul.’ So in a way, when you look at her photographs you’re become a sort of voyeur. It is for this reason that her debut series ‘I Am Camera’ caused so much of a stir. People found something uncomfortable and inappropriate about the images of her children playing or posed in an adult-like manner. Indeed, there is something uncomfortable about her artistic vision, but though surreal and often otherworldly, it’s also relatable and powerful emotive.



All of three of her photography series have a dreamlike quality, but it’s ‘Explosure’ that’s really bewitching. By double exposing images inside a camera, Gearon has created a collection of images that are so chaotic and bizarre that it’s hard not to be drawn to them. Each image documents a spontaneous collision of different worlds. The figures are out-of-place, but somehow it all seems perfectly natural, as if that’s where they were meant to be all along. It’s hard not to believe these extraordinary images haven’t been photoshopped or retouched, but it just goes to show the world’s beautiful enough without technology.





33All images featured here are from ‘Explosure’ and have been taken from Tierney Gearon’s website, where you can view the whole collection along with her other exhibitions: http://www.tierneygearon.com/

It’s also well worth watching her collection of short films in collaboration with the New York Times Magazine Hollywood Heroines Oscar 2012. Haunting stuff:


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