Conceptual Photography by Juliana Manara

Brazilian artist and photographer, Juliana Manara’s conceptual series ‘MiniB’ takes you into the surreal world of imagination; a world where you can paint a zebra, walk along a telephone wire and get your head stuck in a cloud, literally. Whilst all these scenarios would seem utterly ridiculous and let’s be honest, probably drug induced if they were paintings or illustrations, they seem more plausible in the black and white photographic medium and it takes a minute or two to register that anything peculiar is going on.


Yes that is a shark in a goldfish bowl and yes, that young man does look ready to dive in at any minute. Well, at least he’s taking a float ring with him. Safety first.

In the words of Manara herself: ‘Each work brings ideas of feelings, facts or attitudes. It introduces multiple meanings with the universality of landscapes, sometimes surreal environments and always a good relationship between human and other animals or the needy relation between humans and material things. MiniB invites us to dialogue about our existence and also can claim to some absurdities of the human conditions.’

286289-11461814-7What I really love about the series though, is the way it pokes fun at human existence. Enough of that existential angst. Just laugh.






source for all photographs

Prints of the series are available, for a pretty penny, via the Saatchi Gallery:

And you can find more out about Juliana Manara on her website:


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