One to watch: Hannah Adamaszek

Flicking through Hannah Adamaszek’s portfolio it’s difficult to know how to categorise her as an artist. Her work is elegant and fluid, portraits of women with long floating hair and wide full lips, yet you can’t quite call it fine art in its strictest definition. Paint drips down the canvas in places giving it an unfinished feel and a sense of spontaneity, as if the piece has only just been finished. The women in Hannah’s work are strong and challenging, yet feminine and coy (a sort of street version of Pocahontas if you will). There are so many contradictions that it shouldn’t work, past artworks tell us it shouldn’t work, but somehow it does, brilliantly. Based in West Sussex, Hannah combines the femininity of fine art with the more aggressive, male style of street art to create artwork that would decorate a street wall just as well as it would decorate your bedroom. Achingly beautiful and fiercely powerful, Hannah’s work makes you realise, art isn’t about categories after all…


Forrest-Footsteps-web‘Forest Footsteps’


jian-cover-web‘The Waters Way’

Head over to Hannah’s website to see what else she’s got up her sleeve:

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