Film of the week: Y Tu Mamá También


First things first, don’t get put off by the fact it’s in Spanish. Yes, you have to follow the subtitles and yes, that does require a fraction more concentration than an English film, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a strenuous watch. To the contrary,  ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ is about as easy as watching an episode of ‘Friends’, but about 100% sexier and without an ounce of Hollywood commercialism.

y tu mama tambien

Directed by Mexican-born, Alfonso Cuarón ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ is a road movie (not to be confused with ‘The Road’, there’s no pretentiousness around here) about two best-friends whose girlfriends have gone travelling leaving them to look forward to a Summer full of drink, drugs and sex. Typically, Tenoch (Diego Luna) and Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal) spend their first few days of freedom getting high, passing out and drooling over anything in a skirt, including the wife of Tenoch’s cousin, Louisa (Maribel Verdu, Mercedes in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’) who they invite to come on a road trip to invented paradisal beach, Heaven’s Mouth. To their delight, Luisa agrees to join them on their trip to escape troubles back home and ends up sleeping with both of them (they’re Mexican what can you say?  It’s all about the free love, man). Even though it’s the scenario every teenage boy dreams of, Tenoch and Julio’s friendship becomes increasingly strained as secrets are revealed and boundaries are drunkenly crossed.

VERDICT: Hotter than a jalapeño.

DOWNSIDE: It makes you want to take a road trip to Heaven’s Mouth, which, let’s be honest, probably doesn’t even exist. 

Hit the jump to watch the trailer:

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