One to watch: Sophia Fontaine

French photographer, Sophia Fontaine describes herself as a ‘daydreamer’ and after looking at her photographs, it’s easy to see why. Reflection is a key theme of her work as she captures stationary figures standing limply with their heads hung. There’s something eerie and even vaguely morbid about her photographs enhanced by the grainy effect and look of antiquity. These are photographs which induce a pang of nostalgia, loneliness and oppression. Yet they are also photographs of extreme beauty: visual poetry.





tumblr_mnk61vmii41r3np2vo1_1280‘Twisted Vision’


tumblr_m9mxzjKa4o1r3np2vo1_1280‘A Sunbeam has Fallen…’


Head to Sophia’s Flickr to see more of her work:


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