Munch your way to health

My health obsessed friend has been banging on about vegan restaurant, Vitao for the past couple of days so as we were in that end of town, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a go this lunch time and you know what, I might just be giving it a go every lunch time from now on – it was that delicious.


I have to admit the word ‘vegan’ is a big turn off, but as Vitao proved today, it really doesn’t have to be. The restaurant, which is actually more like a cafe or to be completely honest, a hippy beach hut (think big cauldrons of boiling food and rustic benches) works in a similar way to your standard buffet: you choose your plate size and then pile it up with food in a delicious heap ( small plate costs around £5 and looks tiny but if you’re cunning with your loading it can hold A LOT of food).


The menu changes weekly, but the sort of thing you can expect to find is coconut chickpea curry (my favourite from today’s visit), shredded beetroot salad, mung bean curry and lentil dahl. Rumour has it their juices are pretty good too. And of course everything is organic, gluten free, sustainable and SUPER healthy which is just great because when you’re loading your plate with enough food  to feed three rugby players you feel completely (well almost) guilt free – you are quite literally feeding your body health. I can’t wait to feed my body some more health Monday lunch time!


Visit the vitao website for more chitchat about how healthy they are:

Or pop in and see for yourself at 74 Wardour Street ( a 5min walk from Oxford Street)

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