One to watch: Clare Elsaesser

California gal, Clare Elsaesser may have only been full time artist for three years now, but by golly has she got an impressive repetorie (by what I can gather from a quick facebook stalk of her professional page, Clare churns out paintings at an almost insatiable rate). Though speed often comes at the expense of quality, this is far from the case with Clare’s work – each piece she produces is exquisite and delicate transporting the viewer into an endless summer of flowers and beaches.


The artist claims her inspiration comes largely from her daydreams mingled with nature making one wonder what it must be like to be inside a mind that conjours up images of women spouting flowers. As monstrous as I may have made that sound, Clare’s collection of women covered partially in flowers are quite extraordinarly beautiful in their simplicity and fairy-tale resonance.



Henry James – “Summer afternoonsummer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”




What’s even more exciting is that you can buy prints of her paintings for a very reasonable price – sometimes Clare even has free giveaways. Good old Clare.

Check out Clare’s website to see her full collection and browse her shop:

Also it’s worth watching her facebook page for giveaways and general updates:

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