Take a break, have a brownie

Over coffee and cake this afternoon, my friend and I ended up discussing anorexia. As it turned out we both have friends suffering from some type of eating disorder and scarily, it’s not surprising. Being a girl is stressful.

Confused-Baby-Gir-Photoit’s all so confusing!

We’re living in a culture where the most desired body shape resembles that of an Ethiopian child whilst also being bombarded with images of delicious dinners and exquisite cupcakes, which we artistically instagram to show the world just how much we love food even though it seems we’re not actually allowed to eat it. It becomes an insane obsession.

ryan-gosling-bp__spani can think of much better obsessions to have…

Everybody wants to be a size zero celebrity and without a personal trainer or nutritionist to hand, it seems there’s only two alternatives: live at the gym or never eat. Since living at the gym requires time which quite frankly nobody has enough of, girls opt for the second option and when they reach the desired skeletal shape instead of being told they look like a corpse they are offered a job in Abercrombie (this actually happened to somebody my friend knows).

When did our idea of ‘beauty’ become so warped? And when did we all become so vain?

kisshe’s sexy and he knows it

Life is about so much more than looking good. It’s about experience. So get out the gym, stop snapping pics of food and start eating it.

Side profile of girl eating cake

But I thought this was all for me?

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