Tune in for Summer

AT LAST the sun is shining, it’s actually hot enough to wear shorts and, oh baby, I can FINALLY start building the world’s greatest summer playlist!

girl-summer-beach-Favim.com-470798oh how i wish this was me

Just so you get an idea of the quality of the tunes we’re talking about, the highlight of last year’s playlist was Rupert Holmes- Escape (If you Like Pina Coladas). Luckily though, my obsession with The Sweetest Thing’s soundtrack has subsided so its out with the seventies and in with nineties French house music:

On a more serious note,  Solange’s EP ‘True’ produced by non-other than my favourite punk member of Test Icicles (no I don’t know who they are either), Dev Hynes, better known as Blood Orange, is basically summer all packaged up and ready to pop on the decks. With 7 songs, ‘True’ is more like an album than an EP and simmers along nicely in the background as the sausages simmer on the Barbie.

Hit play for a little taste of what Solange has to offer aside from some pretty awkward dance moves in a giraffe inspired suit. Ah who I’m kidding, even the suit’s cool.

More sounds of Summer heading this way soon…

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