Easter in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Fortunately this Easter I was able to escape England’s sub-zero degrees to the sunny tropical paradise which is Costa Rica to visit my brother and his family. Thank god for family! My days are largely spent by the pool basking (and slightly burning) in the sun after participating in a two hour yoga session on a wooden platform overlooking the sea. Pure bliss. But Easter Day was somewhat different…

As my sister-in-law is American, Easter is a big deal. The house is decorated and food is prepared days in advance. Then comes Easter eve: My oldest niece spends a good 5 minutes arranging 4 large Easter baskets on the table with a plate of carrots ( made to look more authentic by using a tooth pick to stick celery leaves to the tops) for the Easter bunny. Then Easter morning: Baskets are emptied, sweets hoovered up (chocolate has a very low life expectancy in the heat) and off we go to the party for the next stage of the Easter extravaganza – the hunt! Again, much to my disappointment, no chocolate. Just plastic eggs filled with balloons ( a luxury out here) and painted hard boiled eggs, which my nephew soon finds are rather tasty as well as pretty to look at and plates of food freshly prepared by the community’s best chefs. Everyone knows everyone here. Then just as the sun reaches its peak, it’s time for a siesta before the beach party. Hosted at a beach bar, there’s live music, acrobatics, face painting, a BBQ and organic mojitos (I mean we don’t want to pollute out bodies do we?) made by a very spaced out barman. Suddenly it’s 8.30. Bedtime! Life is wild in the tropics. And Easter is over for another year.


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