Anthea Pokroy’s Gingers

Usually people collect stamps, South African artist, Anthea Pokroy collects gingers. Here I should probably specify that she collects photographs of ginger haired people, she’s not kidnapping them or storing them in a room. That would be weird. No, Pokroy is just shaking the flag for the minority hair colour. Being a ginger herself, Pokroy described the colour as ‘romantic’ and envisions a sort of ginger Utopia free from ginger prejudices- she’s even written a manifesto which states ‘if one’s hair colour is adjusted due to unnatural factors such as hair dye, one will be excluded from our people without opportunity for return’. Anyone else feeling just a little bit uncomfortable? Having photographed 500 gingers over 3 years, her exhibition ‘I collect gingers’ debuted at the CIRCA on Jellicoe Gallery, in Johannesburg in January this year and I have to say that after staring at the photos for a few minutes I almost felt inclined to dye my brown hair ginger. Almost.

'I Collect Gingers' Project

Hit the link to watch an interview with Pokroy about her ginger obsession. If she weren’t so smiley, this could have some very sinister overtones:

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