Welcome to the real-life Narnia

First erected in 1990 in Sweden, Icehotel is rebuilt every year using frozen water from the Torne River. Apart from being a hotel offering ‘cold rooms’ (the beds are built from blocks of ice and covered in reindeer hides) and ‘warm rooms’ (pretty much your standard hotel room) this beautiful, ice palace also functions as a transformative art exhibition showcasing the work of artists from across the globe. The Art Suites are definitely the highlight of the Icehotel, with giant ice statues at the foot of the bed and bizarre giant teardrop shaped sculptures plopped around the room. Like the hotel itself though, the suites melt with the sun, giving you only a limited time to enjoy the artwork before the next lot of artists start designing. The only slight draw back is there are no bathrooms in the ice rooms (only in the warm building), so its probably best to leave your Granny at home. You also get woken up by the staff at 7.30am. Why? To serve you hot ligonberry juice. I have no idea what that is either, but it sounds delicious and presumably gives you the kick you need to get out of your snuggly sleeping bag and into the snow. Let’s just hope its alcoholic.



source for both photos

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