Film of the week: A Serious Man

As a student I spend the majority of my time watching films, so I thought I’d share the best of what I watch with you. So to kick things off: ‘A Serious Man’.

Not to be confused with ‘A Single Man’, this surreal dark comedy centres around a Jewish man who’s life just keeps getting worse. Yes I know that sounds incredibly grim, but surprisingly it isn’t. In fact, it’s pretty funny and profound – a hard mix to come by these days. I was recommended the film by my brother, who’s taste is, well, a little alternative so I’m warning it’s quite unusual… though I guess that’s just what you’d expect from a Coen brothers film.  Anyway, the acting is brilliant, starring Michael Stuhlbarg as the unfortunate lead, Larry Gopnik ,and so is the cinematography, making for a very enjoyable, if not slightly uncomfortable viewing experience.

The trailer speaks better than my words (don’t worry the film isn’t as trippy as it makes out):

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