New ad for 3: That pony’s got moves

Maybe it’s just because it combines two of my favourite things: dancing and shetland ponies, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about an advert! Written by Freddie Powell, the creator of  the Cravendale ad ‘Cats with Thumbs’ (remember that stroke of comedy genius?) and filmed on the Shetland Islands, the new 3 ad is hilariously silly whilst maintaining an air of authenticity which makes a little part of me think maybe ponies really do dance when our backs are turned. It would explain a lot.

Hit the link to beat the craze before the pony makes it’s debut on ITV this evening:

As an added bonus you can even make your own pony mashup via ‘the pony mixer’.  That’s my plans to work this weekend out the window, thanks a lot 3….

Hit the link to see my pony strutting it’s stuff, I like to think he takes after Disco Stew from ‘The Simpsons’:

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One thought on “New ad for 3: That pony’s got moves

  1. fed says:

    Oh you.

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