Can we please stop painting pigs?

I know that art’s all about ‘freedom of expression’ and that it’s a constant battle to be more original and more outrageous. But throwing a cat up a flight of stairs is a little extreme (Jan Fabre)! I mean come on there are standards, that’s not even funny – while we’re on the topic of hilarious cat videos head over to YouTube and watch ‘ninja cat’, comedy gold- anyway, back to the point, live animals are not there for artists to paint on, that’s what canvases are for. I appreciate Belgian artist Wim Delvoye may have genuinely wanted to change the public’s perception of animal rights, but surely there are other and probably more effective ways of raising awareness than tattooing onto pigs to create an ‘Art Farm’ (you’re an artist not a farmer!!). My point is we shouldn’t be showcasing work that champions cruelty (Damien Hirst’s butterfly installation springs to mind…Tate Modern- I’m pointing my finger at you). Let’s leave animals out of this one. Okay?


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