Getting down and dirty

With Valentines Day drawing to a close, it’s time to turn the lights down low and get, well, a little sexy… Say no to all this herbal hanky-panky and opt for the fail-safe aphrodisiac: a romantic film. Browse your dvds for one of these babies and you’re in for a good time this evening (trust me).

The Classics

The Notebook- the romance every girl dreams of…spoiler alert: you will get weepy.

Dirty Dancing- un-believably cheesy, unbelievably sexy, this film has it all really.

Love Actually- I normally only watch this film at Christmas, but it would do the trick on Valentine’s day just as well.

Titanic- if you’re girlfriend’s a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio probably not the best one to watch (Oh Jack!), there is a very steamy scene in a car though…

Lady and the Tramp- so what its about animated dogs? the Italian dinner date scene is possibly one of the most romantic ever.

Feeling Alternative

True Romance- it’s a Tarantino classic: sex, drugs and violence.

Lars and the Real Girl- Ryan Gosling forms a peculiar attachment to a sex doll he buys off the internet. Enough said.

Moonrise Kingdom- the love story of two 12 year old scouts (it’s not as creepy as it sounds), utterly adorable.

The Raunchy Ones

The History of Violence- I know, I know it sounds horrifically violent and I guess it is, but it also has one of the best sex scenes ever. Watch it- you’ll see.

The Dreamers- set in Paris and involves a saucy love triangle between a brother, sister and their american friend.

Moulin Rouge- another raunchy film set in Paris (everything in France is just that bit sexier, even the food). There’s dancing, singing, the works…a bit like going to an adult circus.

I hope this inspires all the lovers out there and as for you singletons – think of the films as an inspiration…

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