The Mix-tape Revolution

With Valentine’s day just around the corner (that’s 14th February for you boys who have forgotten – saved ya there), what could be a better present than a good old-fashioned mix-tape? Whilst it may be depicted as generic and soppy in 1980s films, it takes on a whole new meaning in this modern age. For one thing tapes are now considered ‘edgy’, alarm bells for all the hipsters out there, (can be substituted for a CD or even a Spotify playlist for the more technologically advanced) and for another, adolescents seem to be a darn sight cooler these days. At least I can’t imagine any boys I know accompanying a mix-tape with a monologue so sentimental that it questions their very masculinity. Consider that a warning to all of you Casanovas…do not speak on a mix-tape, let the music do the talking.

A mix-tape is, after-all, the ultimate tool of seduction; nothing says ‘let’s have sex’ better than dimmed lights and Marvin Gaye. So boys get mixing, this is a guaranteed winner…

TIP: leave out Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’. Trust me it won’t be funny.

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