Live Review: Alt-J

Of course the prospect of seeing Alt-J at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 19th January was unbelievably exciting, but I have to admit I was almost a bit nervous. Here’s a band with a flawless album – and by flawless I mean you don’t have to skip one track – and songs so beautiful that they could make a potato cry, but the big question was did they have the moves on stage? And oh baby, did they! The triangle-loving quartet wooed the audience into complete seduction with their big favourites including ‘Matilda’, ‘Breezeblocks’ and ‘Taro’, and just to prove how effortlessly cool they were, the boys played on a near bare stage. There wasn’t a mechanically induced ‘ethereal haze’ in sight, making the gold sparkly leggings of the warm-up act ‘Clean Bandit’ look, well, a little childish. But just as you were thinking that they were a little too sophisticated and mature, they whipped out the wild card, playing a Kylie Minogue/Dr Dre mashup. Leaving the audience thinking: ‘Man, these guys are cool’.

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One thought on “Live Review: Alt-J

  1. […] in my case). At Shepherd’s Bush Empire in January it was the Kylie Minogue/ Dr. Dre Mashup (see previous blog post) and last night they pulled this baby out of the bag…brace yourself for Alt-J’s cover […]

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